Should Hesselhoej help you sell your horse?

Hesselhoej has been established as a sales stable for over 40 years, which gives incentive to those looking for a horse to contact us.
With the unique location in the middle of Denmark, 5min. by the highway exit no. 57 Nørre Aaby, you almost always pass by when you are looking at a horse in Denmark. Hans Jørgen has bought, sold and distributed horses, for over 30 years which gives him enormous experience in trading horses.

Horses for sale are advertised on Ridehesten, our own website, and social media with a full description, photos, and video. We emphasize on the horse being well presented. The horse is always presented to the customer clean and in nice equipment.
We are responsible for contact with customers, demonstrations (also evenings and weekends), telephone hours 24/7, help with veterinary examinations and preparation of contracts. We calculate an average of 10 demonstrations + 50 text messages / emails / phone calls per horse that is sold through us.

We charge DKK 398 + VAT per day to have a horse in riding and we take 10% of the sales price in commission or a minimum of 8000.- plus VAT.

Feel free to call Hans Jørgen if you have a horse you want sold or have questions.