Hesselhoej Rock A Billy

Dansk Varmblod Svensk Varmblod Oldenborg
Hesselhoej Rock A Billy
Hesselhoej Rock A Billy

Name: Hesselhoej Rock and Billy
Breeder: Jane and Erik Bech Jensen, Østbirk
Owner: Hesselhoej.dk

Sire: Revolution, DVH1234
Grandsire: Blue Hors Hertug, DVE 700

171 cm
Born: 2017
Free of FFS (negative)
Approved in: Danish warmblood, Swedish warmblood, Oldenburger verband.

Hesselhoej Rock a Billy has been approved for life in Danish Warmblood.

Price: 700 € + vat (Due first when ordering semen)

Video from 2024:
Offsprings by Hesselhoej Rock A Billy:

Top class rideability and a product of Denmark's strongest and most powerful damline!
Hesselhoej Rock A Billy has been tested negative for WFFS and is therefore not a carrier of the gene.

Hesselhoej Rock A Billy is a World Class stallion with impressive gaits though this is not come as a surprise. Rock A Billy's damline counts several approved stallions, mare of the year, Danish championship winners and national team horses. Rock A Billy is after Revolution, who won 4, 5 and 6 years championship, he won gold as 5 years at WCYH and the following year he won silver as 6 year old. On the mother side, we find Blue Hors Hertug who was successful in young horse classes under rider, Lars Petersen. From the same damline you will also find Hesselhøj Donkey Boy who was the only horse to have won the Championship finals in Denmark as a 4, 5, 6 and 7 year old. Hesselhøj Donkey Boy was a premium stallion at 3 years old and subsequently won his material test, he won bronze at WCYH at 5 years old and silver at WCYH at 7 years old. From the same damline also comes Danish championship winner 2014, Fituo L who was on the Danish national team that represented Denmark at the World championships in 2014. You will also find Legendary Stigma who is one of kind, being named foal of the year, 2 year old mare of the year and, 3 year old mare of the year in Danish Warmblood. 7 Grand Prix horses can be found in this impressive damline, including the 3 national team horses Tallents Wellsley and Fitou L, as well as Lis Hartel's Drumfire. It does not stop there as 9 S and A level horses, 6 elite mares and 7 medal mares are also a part of this unique line having created Hessselhoej Rock A Billy!

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