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Hesselhoej Double Up

Name: Hesselhoej Double Up
Breeder and owner: Hesselhoej.dk

Sire: Hesselhoej Donkey Boy (DVE 1199)
Grandsire : Tailormade Lancelot (DVH 975)

Born: 2017
170 cm

FFS: positive
Approved in: Danish Warmblood, SWB and Hannoveraner verband

Price: 1200 € + vat (Due first when ordering semen)

Hesselhoej Double Up was awarded Premium stallion and approved with the highest notes at the licensing.

He got:

9,5 for trot

9,5 for walk

9,0 for canter

Double Up has unlimited movement potential and top class rideability!

Hesselhoej Double Up is a stallion that belongs to the worlds absolute elite, boasting 4 Grand Prix stallions in a row in his parentage. You also find, quite exceptionally, 7 Grand Prix horses in the first 3 links of his pedigree.

In 2021, Double Up impressed the judges and won the Danish Young Horse qualifacation test with a whopping 920 points!
Hesselhoej Double Up is from a unique line of exceptional performance! In the mare line you will find, gold medal mares, elite mares, Grand Prix horses, championship winners and much more!

The sire is Hesselhøj Donkey Boy who, as the only horse ever, won the Championship finals in Denmark as a 4, 5, 6 and 7 year old. Hesselhøj Donkey Boy was named premium stallion as a 3-year-old and subsequently won his 35 day test. In addition, he won bronze at WCYH as a 5-year-old and silver at WCYH as a 7-year-old. Subsequently, he was one of the youngest stallions ever to be named an elite stallion at the age of just 8 years. Hesselhoej Donkey Boy is also the sire of WCYH gold and silver medal winner Hesselhoej Down Town.

Grandsire Tailormade Lancelot is an international Grand Prix horse and has been a part of Great Britain's national team.

Great Grandsire Blue Hors Don Schufro hardly needs further introduction. He is a former Danish champion and Olympic bronze medal winner and has been number 1 on the German dressage index for breeding stallions 10 times. He is the father of Legendary Weihegold and he has had more than 100 offspring in international sport.

Further back sees the 1999 stallion of the year Midt West Ibi Light. He himself took part in the Olympics in Atlanta and is featured in the pedigree of an incredible number of top horses, including the 2003 mare of the year Lyndelygaard's Mai Tai who still has the highest test result ever. She is also the great-grandmother of Hesselhoej Double Up.

The mare line is completely unique and there are not many other stallions boasting such a strong performance pedigree.

The dam Søbakkehus Miami is a full sister to Søbakkehus Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga is the mother of the premium stallion Hesselhoej Gnags who was sold at the Danish Warmblood Auction for 1,250,000 DKK as the second most expensive stallion ever! Half-sister to Miami, Søbakkehus Mia Amore is the mother of the 2022 Young Horse Championship winner and WCYH final participant Søbakkehus Maude. She is also the mother of Søbakkehus Delayed who was a finalist in the 4 year old championship. Søbakkehus Miami is the mother of Hesselhoej Dream, who has been selected as Reserve for WCYH and participated in the young horse Championship finals as both 4.5 and 6 years old.

Grandmother is the silver medal mare Søbakkehus Mia Bella. She herself won the 4-year-old championship and later went to the Grand Prix under Joachim Thomsen. In breeding, she is the grandmother of 4 championship final participants, 3 approved satllions, 2 premium stallion and a young horse championship winner.

Great grandmother Lyndelygaard's Mai Tai was the mare of the year and still has the highest test result ever.

Double Up is a stallion that absolutely belongs to the world's elite.

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