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Several horses in top 15!

Hesselhoej with 4 horses in the top 15 for the young horse championship in Herning!

The suitability tests have been passed and it is now clear which horses are qualified!

Anders has managed to qualify the following 3 horses:

  • Hesselhoej Douple Up (Donkey Boy / Tailormade Lancelot) with a nice 920 points, and thus is qualified as No. 2 nationally.
  • Lohmann's Sagoson (St. Schufro / Zack), who is qualified as No. 3 nationally.
  • Donkey King (Donkey Boy / Don Schufro), who is qualified as No. 15 nationally.
  • Søbakkehus Duffy, of which we are a co-breeder, was also qualified as No. 11 nationally, as well as Søbakkehus Dolph, which is a reserve!

We have also bred the mother of Søbakkehus Maude, which was also placed as No. 3 nationally.


In addition, we would like to say a big thank you to Stutteri Søbakkehus, with whom we have had a fantastic breeding collaboration for many years! A collaboration that has yielded some absolutely enormous results in recent years.


We are proud of these great results, and look forward to Herning!

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