Hesselhoej is located near Asperup, 5 minutes from the highway.
We have room to accomodate 74 horses in our stable, two indoor arenas, one large outdoor arena and large fields.
We also have a selection of horse wellness facilities including horse walker, aqua training, solarium, and access to beautiful hacking around the property.

Hesselhoej offers:

  • Horses taken on commision with training and sale in mind
  • Further training of quality horses
  • Preparing horses for licensing and championships
  • EU-Stallion Station
  • Training sessions
  • Courses
  • Clinics
  • Wellness including horse walker, aqua training and solarium

When working with horses we use our expertise to understand the horse and remain calm in all situations.

Our team of 5-6 employees takes care of the horses. We ensure that all of our employees take care of the horse as if it was their own and always keep their well being as top priority.