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Blue Hors Zwobber Is sold!

Anders Hoeck sells Blue Hors Zwobber... 

For 3.5 years, Anders and Zwobber have been successful both nationally and internationally.

In total, there have been 7 medals at Danish and international championships, just as they have won the youngster cup as the youngest crew ever. These are just a few of the many great results Anders and Zwobber have delivered together.

But now their otherwise adventurous journey together is unfortunately over, Zwobber has been sold to the talented Danish pony rider, Therese Rosenkilde who found a perfect match in Zwobber.

A big thank you must also go to Blue Hors, which has owned Zwobber, and with whom Anders has had a collaboration with around Zwobber, a collaboration which, after great success on the competition tracks, now results in a good financial gain for both parties.


Anders says: "Zwobber has meant a lot to me, and we have learned and experienced a lot together. Fortunately, Zwobber has come to a fantastic place with Theresa Rosenkilde, and I hope that Therese and her family have as many fantastic experiences with Zwobber as he has given me".

We look forward to following Zwobber in the future and following his development together with a new young talented rider.